The Man Behind The Baker Street Victorian Carollers


Richard Crossman:

Artistic Director and Conductor has over 50 years of performing under his belt and has more than 40 years as a church organist and choir director so he KNOWS Christmas.  He has performed in professional opera, musical theatre, stage drama, interactive theatre, historical presentations and murder mysteries as well as producing a large number of concerts.  Richard is also a professional costumer and designs and oversees the creation of virtually all of the costumes worn by the Carollers

Melissa Todd:

Assistant Director.  A classically trained singer, Melissa and Richard both worked with instructor Susan Gudgeon to hone their talents.  Melissa has performed in a number of local stage productions, and has been a member of the Carollers almost since its inception.


Other current members of the Carollers.

Several of our singers have degrees in vocal music, many have years of experience singing in choirs, some are music directors in their own right.  In total our roster  boasts over 350 years of performance experience.

  • Katherine Barr
    Karen Chorney  
    Aaron Clause  Shauna Dewar-Siwik

     Lynda Garner

    Christine Girardi-Olinski Jason Hales

    Stephanie Hotchkiss

    John Kennedy

    Alix Kingston

    Hugh McCully

    Christine McLeod Loralee McGuirl Al Ooms

    Amber Ruthart

    Patricia Scrafield

    Lindy Stewardson

     Robert Van Voorst

    Ken Watson Annetta Whetham

    Graham Whyte









Media Contacts

Richard Crossman, director of The Baker Street Victorian Carollers®

Deborah Anthony, booking agent for The Baker Street Victorian Carollers®